Frequently Asked Questions about E&O Insurance

We frequently update the list of FAQ's below to address as many of your questions as possible. If your specific question is not answered below, please contact us and we will make sure you receive a response.

Q: What is a Signing Agent?

A “Signing Agent” is a notary who conducts loan signings. Another name is "witness-only loan closer". In addition to notarizing the signatures that require it, the “signing agent” is also responsible for obtaining all of the other signatures and initials on the documents, and then returning the documents to the lender.

Q: What does the policy cover?

It is designed to cover unintentional errors or omissions while the notary is acting as a “signing agent”. In addition to the notarizations, it covers such things as getting all other signatures and initials, correctly dating the documents, completing the signing in the time period specified, and promptly returning the signed documents. Defense costs are also covered within the coverage amount.
Q: What does “Claims Made” mean?

The basis of the claim and the filing of the claim must both occur while the policy is in force. Coverage for prior acts is not available.
Q: Is certification required to qualify for a policy?

No; certification is not required.
Q: What if I am no longer a Signing Agent but want to continue coverage for anything that might be discovered after my policy ends?

We are offering optional extended reporting coverage. The extended reporting coverage rider only extends the time available to discover a claim – it does not extend the coverage itself.
Q: Why isn’t this available in all states?

As states approve our rate and form filings, additional states will be added to the list. Please be aware that coverage may not be available in all states.
Q: Are higher limits available?

We are offering limits of $75,000 per claim/$150,000 aggregate and $125,000 per claim/$250,000 aggregate at this time. Larger limits may be available in the future.
Q: How do the limits work?

The “per claim” limit applies to a single act or multiple acts related to a single event. If the signing agent has multiple claims filed for different loan signings done in the same year, the most we will pay is the aggregate amount.
Q: How does the deductible work?

The deductible is per claim and only applies to the actual loss amount. The deductible does not apply to defense costs.
Q: Does a Signing Agent also need Notary E&O Insurance?

If the notary does other notary work, besides loan signings, he/she will need to carry both policies because the Signing Agent E&O is limited to just transactions involving real estate loan signings.
Q: Do the policy dates need to match my notary commission?

The policy dates do not need to match your commission term.

Signing/Closing Agent E&O Coverage Details and Rates
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